SHY Martin & SHY Nodi

“What’s so wonderful about music is the interaction between people. To meet new people, share stories, then make them come to life through a song. There is no better feeling than when someone can relate to a song you’ve written!”

At the time of their Grand Prize win, the SHY artist and songwriter duo had been writing together for just over a year and were already closing in on one billion streams on Spotify alone. SHY Martin, a.k.a. Sara, is the feature artist and SHY Nodi is the writer behind the 420+ Million Grammy nominated and multi platinum hit “The Ocean” – Mike Perry ft. Shy Martin.

Together they have also written the single, “All We Know” by The Chainsmokers.The song entered Billboard Hot 100 at #18 and has over 325 million streams on Spotify. In April 2017, Kygo released a single featuring Ellie Goulding co-written by SHY Martin—and more hits are on the way. Other cuts and collaborations include Bebe Rexha, Kygo, SEEB, Fifth Harmony, Icona Pop, Stargate, Astrid S, TIESTO, and Thomas Troelsen.

Any advice for others who aspire to do what you do?
There are three important things:  Never give up, persistence is key to progress!  Do it for yourself and nobody else. There is no point in trying to impress someone, so just focus and refine your craftsmanship.  And, the most important thing, and probably the hardest is to remember, is to “HAVE FUN.” It’s easy to lose the passion when you force music to become a “job.” So make sure to have fun, and be spontaneous and creative while writing a song. What happens to it afterwards is business.

SHY Martin & SHY Nodi
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