“What I love most about working in this industry is the fact that every day a new hit could be created or a new global artist could break. And it could be anyone.”

A visionary entrepreneur, Ash Pournouri began his career by reimagining the role of record labels, publishing, tour booking and management. What began with the lone mission of creating, managing and building the brand of global superstar Avicii has led to Ash becoming a pioneer in breaking Electronic Dance Music as a mass movement, and a leader in the boundary-free global music business of the 21st century. Through the companies under the UNLTD Family portfolio, Ash has creatively crafted artist-first partnerships, founded At Night Studios, an independent global creative agency in Stockholm, and co-founded Talent Box Management, representing Skilltwins and Roomie among other big media profiles. In June 2015, Ash expanded into the conference world, creating Symposium Stockholm with Spotify founder Daniel Ek that includes the two-day creative thought-leadership summit, Brilliant Minds.

Any advice for others who aspire to do what you do?
– Never give up and always work hard for your convictions in life. The music business is the most competitive business in the world and that’s why it’s worth fighting for the win.


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