Hilda Stenmalm

Hilda Stenmalm


Hilda might seem like a newcomer but she really isn’t. Originally from a small town in Sweden, this Scandi starlet songwriter started her career in music as a talent show kid, performing songs written by others for her. It wasn’t until many years later (and after A LOT OF CONVINCING) Hilda found the courage to write songs for her and later on, for artists like K-pop superstars BTS and IVE, Scandi darlings like Jada, Astrid S, Dagny, LOVA, Winona Oak and the next generation of pop artists like Mia Rodriguez, Dylan Conrique and Reiley. And Sting! Just to name a few.

These days Hilda splits her time between Stockholm, London and LA. Constantly traveling and discovering new talent to write with. Hilda’s currently working with artists like Dylan, Rosie Darling, Au/Ra, Jules Paymer, Jo Hill, Rhys Lewis and has been in the studio with Ali Payami, Noonie Bao, ELVIRA, Michael Matosic and Benjy Gibson. This year Hilda’s participated as a songwriter in the Eurovision Song Contest with Danish pop phenomenon Reiley, co-wrote “The Planet” for BTS and has releases lined up with GRACEY, Sody, Hanna Ferm, Lily Moore and Matilda Lyn.


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