Sky Li

Sky Li


The swedish indie artist/producer Linnéa Norlén released her debut in 2019 during her time at Musikmakarna. Since then her audience has grown to over 100.000 listeners per month and a total stream count close to 2,5 million. She's a DIY multi creator as she creates her cover artworks, productions, toplines and even many of her photoshoots, all in her bedroom apartment. She produced all of the productions on her latest album "Her" which consists of 8 tracks released in mid January 2023. The title track of the album, "Her", is a about an inner conflict where she is questioning her own sexuality while she's in a relationship with her boyfriend. The song has been added to over 2000 playlists including many Spotify editorial playlists like New Music Friday Sweden where it got to 11th place. It has now got over half a million of streams in only less than 2 months and her following base is growing like never before. With her passion for music and art, this is just the beginning! Remember her name, Sky Li!


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