The Winners 2024

Ilya Salmanzadeh - Yhe Grand Prize

The honorary award for the year's international success 2024 went to Ilya Salmanzadeh. The jurys motivation is:
"For uniquely achieving international success like few other Swedish producers and songwriters over the years.   Once nominated for Denniz Pop rookie award of the year he finally get´s hes well deserved revenge and wins the 2024 grand prize."


Bengt Palmers and Görel Hanser - The MVP

The honorable mention as this years MVP, Most Valuable Person went to Bengt Palmers and Görel Hanser. With the following motivation from the jury;

"For their individual achievements, which together were a decisive start of what became the Swedish Music Wonder and paved the way for Swedish music success internationally. Thank you for showing us what was possible and for continuing to hold the flag high for over five decades."


Wilhelm Börjesson - Rookie Songwriter / Producer

Stockholm-based Wilhelm moves freely between electronic, pop and alt with a sense for great contemporary lyric concepts and big pop hooks.

Wilhelm won the prize for this years Rookie Songwriter/ producer with following motivation from the jury;
"With a fantastic sound and undeniable talent, we the jury believe this is merely the beginning of what this songwriter and producer can achieve."


Shadi G - Golchin Niksirat - Rookie Artist / Band

Shadi G is a Persian-Swedish artist, songwriter and producer. She creates a blend of pop, jazz, and R&B/soul music and is known for her unique way of merging these different genres with her Persian roots.

Shadi G won the prize for this years Rookie Artist/ Band with following motivation from the jury;
"With a unique sound and indisputable talent, the sky is the limit for this artist.”


Ethan Hodges - International Rookie

Ethan is a 22 year old singer-songwriter from London, UK. Inspired by artists like Tom Odell, Adele and Lewis Capaldi, he’s become known across socials for his beautiful piano covers on his plant covered family piano but is now building a name for himself through his original music.

Ethan won the prize for this years International Rookie with following motivation from the jury;
"With an amazing voice, amazing songs and extraordinary talent.” 

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