The Winners 2023

Deki Alem – Rookie Artist/Band

Deki Alem, the twin duo that creates new paths for modern music. With purity and sensitive masculinity the Swedes blend sub-genres such as drum & bass, dance and grunge with rap in a seamless manner.

Deki Alem won the prize for this years Rookie Artist/ Band with following motivation from the jury;

“With a unique sound and indisputable talent, the sky is the limit for this band.”


Hilda Stenmalm – Rookie Songwriter/Producer

Hilda Stenmalm, the scandi starlet songwriter who started her career in music as a talent show kid, performing songs written by others for her. Many years later involving a lot of convincing from the people around her she started to write her own songs and with time even for others. These days Hilda splits her time between Stockholm, London and LA. Constantly traveling and discovering new talent to write with.

Hilda won the prize for this years Rookie Songwriter/ producer with following motivation from the judges;

“With marvelous ambition and undeniable talent, we believe this is merely the beginning of what this songwriter can achieve”


Haley Joelle – International Rookie

Haley is a 23-year-old songwriter and artist from outside of Portland, OR, currently based in Los Angeles. She is known for her unique and specific approach to storytelling in her songs that have resonated with millions of people around the world. Her lyrics touch on family dynamics, the complications of growing up, grief, and heartbreak- all lending themselves to help her listeners feel less alone.

Haley won the prize for this years International Rookie with following motivation from the judges;

“With an amazing voice, amazing songs and extraordinary talent”


Ghost – The Grand Prize

The honorary award for the year's international success 2023 went to the band Ghost. The jurys motivation is:

“For uniquely achieving international success like few other Swedish bands over the years. With a fantastic eccentric on-stage presence and amazing songs. This years winner of the Denniz Pop Awards grande”


Lasse Holm – The MVP

The honorable mention as this years MVP, Most Valuable Person went to the amazing songwriter Lasse Holm. With the following motivation from the jury;

“For many decades one of the leading figures of the Swedish music industry as both an artist and songwriter. With a wealth of knowledge and incredible drive our MVP has written some immortal songs over the years and has inspired a whole generation.”

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