The Winners 2020

Vera Hotsauce– Rookie Artist/Band

With her cool image and beautiful voice, we in the jury believe that she will breakthrough globally. The winner is no cold tzatziki - Vera Hotsauce!

Elvira Anderfjärd – Rookie Songwriter/Producer

Despite her young age and short time in the industry, she has come a long way with her talent. With her unique and innovative world-class productions. She is ‘BADDER n COOLER’ than most - Elvira Anderfjäder!

Moli– International Rookie

For her distinctive cool style with a modern sound and cool retro influences, we in the jury believe this girl will become a mega star - Moli!

Oscar Holter– The Grand Prize

GRAND PRIZE for this year's biggest international success goes to perhaps the world's hottest songwriter and producer right now. Number one on Billboard Hot 100 and a new record on the Radio Song Charts – Big congratulations goes to Oscar Holter!

Ola Håkansson – The MVP

For his significant impact on the Swedish musical heritage and with great international success as an artist, songwriter, producer and mentor, this year's award for THE MOST VALUABLE PERSON goes to Ola Håkansson!

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