The Trophy


Paul Sundvik is a high-end artist known for his beautiful sculptures and photographs. He was given the mission of designing and creating the prize statuettes to be handed to all the receivers of an award, at Denniz Pop Awards. Since the first Denniz Pop Awards ceremony the winners have been given these beautiful glass sculptures. They are handmade and these works of art are called – Encapsulated sound. The inspiration of the sculpture, and the name, comes from a three dimensional sound. A sound frequency isolated in a capsule. Encapsulated sound is produced in Sweden and the sculptures are made of glass, tree, and iron from Norrland in the north of Sweden.

The winners of the award receive one sculpture each. Although the shape and see through glass outer remains the same the color inside the glass sculpture changes each year. It is in other words a continuous work from artist Paul Sundvik and a new reveal with every annually Denniz Pop Awards.

To show our gratitude to the those who support and donate – those who make Denniz Pop Awards possible, they’re given a glass sculpture as well. Some donors even have a collection of Encapsulated Sound from every year the Denniz Pop Awards have been around – all in different colors. Now that’s something to be proud of!

Learn more about how you can donate and support the Denniz Pop Awards.

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