The winners of Denniz Pop Awards 2019

Winona Oak – Rookie Artist/Band

With a voice that is unlike anything else we’ve ever heard and a magnificent career ahead of her, this year’s Rookie Award Artist/Band is awarded to Winona Oak. *Represented by her crew.


LIOHN – Rookie Songwriter/Producer

It takes a lot to make a mark in this industry, and despite his young age, he has already made remarkable achievements with some of our greatest artists. The Rookie Award Songwriter/Producer is awarded to LIOHN.


Madison Love – International Rookie

For the first time ever, we have a winner in the International Rookie Award. Despite her young age, her work shows that she has nothing but greatness in front of her. The International Rookie Award is awarded to Madison Love.


Mabel McVey – The Grand Prize

Her winds have already begun to shake the world and it’s just a matter of time before she takes us all by storm. This year’s Grand Prize is awarded to Mabel McVey. *Represented by Peter Hart from Universal Music Group.


Ulla Sjöström – The MVP

Thanks to her hard work and strong visions, she helps the Swedish music wonder to continue every single day. The Honorary Award MVPis awarded to Ulla Sjöström, founder and headmaster of “Musikmakarna”.

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