About The foundation

Denniz Pop Awards is a charitable foundation working to uplift Sweden’s next generation of musical talent and support advancements in cancer treatment.

Initiated in 2013, the foundation carries the name of Denniz Pop, our beloved friend, colleague, and mentor who left us far too early. It’s a way for us to both honor his memory, and carry on the legacy he once started.


The foundation supports:

1. The Denniz Pop Award cash prizes awarded annually to rookie talents taking their first steps into the music industry.

2. Activities and events that uplift and mentor young aspiring songwriters, producers, and musicians—and help carry on the Swedish music export tradition.

3. Radiumhemmet, Sweden’s first cancer treatment facility. Contributing to the improvement of patients’ healthcare environment, and enabling study-abroad trips for nursing staff.

Everything the foundation does would not be possible without the donations of individuals, businesses, and organizations. The more money we collect, the more the foundation can grow, and the more we can do to support Sweden’s new musical talents and the work of Radiumhemmet.

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