We are proud to announce the winners of Denniz Pop Awards 2016:


Linnea, Emanuel & Iman

”I’ve always been a producer – that’s how i see myself first. The dj:ing came second as a way for me to be able to perform.”
— Avicii


An award to the most promising songwriter or producer of the year. The category is open to anyone who writes songs or produces music. The winner does not have any obligations or commitments other than attending the award ceremony to receive their Denniz Pop Awards sculpture and the 10 000 USD cash prize.


Rewards the most promising Artist or Band of the year, by putting the spotlight on undiscovered new talent and helping propel them in the music industry. The 3 finalists selected by the jury will be invited to perform at the Awards Dinner where the winner is announced and receives the award and a 10 000 USD cash prize.


We created the Most Valuable Person award for the unsung heroes of the music industry who rarely get the recognition they deserve. This is your chance to nominate your deserving colleagues and friends. Previous years’ winners include Ash Pournouri and Eric Hasselqvist.

The Grand Prize

The year’s biggest international success. This award category is open for artists, songwriters, producers or anyone who has done something remarkable for themselves and Swedish music around the world. Previous winners include The Swedish House Mafia and AVICII.

”Who’s gonna bring me back to life? We’re gonna make it, you and I. We’re gonna save the world tonight!”
— Swedish house mafia, Save the world
"I used to be a different girl, thought the money meant the world I used to play a different game, without heart and without shame"

The Denniz Pop Awards is an initiative founded and run by former Cheiron members, co-workers, friends and family with the goal of helping new songwriters, producers and artists continue the legacy Denniz Pop once started.

Through the MVP and Grand Prize Awards, we aim to recognize both the unsung heroes and those who have made an outstanding contribution to promote Swedish music internationally. Equally as important is to raise money for the Denniz Pop Foundation. The Foundation was started a few years ago with the main purpose to financially support: Study trips abroad for nursing staff at Radiumhemmet (Sweden’s first cancer treatment facility), and improvements of patients’ healthcare environment at Radiumhemmet.

The Denniz Pop Awards is a non-profitable music award managed by the foundation, Denniz Pop Awards Stiftelse (number 1023608), and is financed by donations, SKAP, sponsors and a charity event.

Donations can be made directly through our website or by bank deposits (Bankgiro).